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Varjo XR3

The only mixed reality headset offering human-like resolution (over 70 PPD) with the widest field of view (115 degrees) ensuring the most natural and immersive mixed reality experience ever.

With precise, individually calibrated colours for unrivalled realism, the Varjo XR-3 sets a new industry standard for visual fidelity across realities.

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Mixed Reality Feature


Real and virtual worlds merging at human resolution


The only mixed reality headset that uses video transmission to realistically merge real and virtual elements. It offers an immersive experience with photorealistic visual accuracy, a wide field of vision and an extended colour range. Depth detection is supported by LiDAR, enabling real-time occlusion and 3D reconstruction of the world.




Eye & Hand Tracking


Unrivalled accuracy for professional use


Equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables eye movement to be analysed with unrivalled accuracy in real and virtual environments. This feature is extremely useful for product research and development, pressure training, simulations and behavioural studies. In addition, hand tracking enables users to interact with virtual objects intuitively and smoothly, without the need for additional controllers to function properly.




Large field of view


A natural, immersive virtual experience


The Varjo XR-3 features a 115-degree field of view, putting it well above other mixed reality headsets. It also outperforms its predecessor, the XR-1, by 32 degrees in terms of field of view. This, combined with the human eye's resolution, ensures that the XR experience is as immersive and natural as possible.





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Description and features


Designed to deliver photorealistic mixed reality experiences, with a full field of view and a resolution that matches the human eye.



What's inside the box:  
  • XR Varjo XR-3 headset
  • 2x adapters
  • 2x charging blocs
  • 6x cables
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Varjo marker



Inside-out eye-tracking - The XR-3 is equipped with inside-out eye-tracking technology, eliminating the need for Steam VR Base Stations. The two built-in external cameras ensure the headset can track the user's movements, making motion tracking more convenient for the user and simplifying the deployment of the headset.

Ergonomic design - The ergonomic design of the XR-3 includes a three-point adjustable headband for optimum comfort during extended sessions. In addition, automatic interpupillary distance adjustment, active cooling, a 90 Hz frame rate and ultra-wide, crystalline non-Fresnel lenses ensure that you can work comfortably without experiencing eyestrain or discomfort.

Varjo Subscription - In order to use Varjo headsets and software, companies must purchase a Varjo subscription. Corporate subscribers have access to Varjo's patented XR/VR software which regularly unlocks new features at a headset resolution of 2880 x 2720 pixels per eye. In addition, subscribers receive premium sales support from Varjo. The subscription is a prerequisite for using the Varjo headset and must be renewed when it expires in order to continue using the headset. 

Find out more about Varjo subscriptions :  XR3 - 1-year Subscription  -  XR3 - 2-year Subscription  -  XR3 - 3-year Subscription  -  XR3 - Offline Subscription







  • Training
  • Simulation
  • Engineering











  • CPU : Intel Core i9-9900K, Intel Xeon W-2245 8-core, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • GPU : GeForce RTX 3080 / Quadro RTX A6000
  • RAM : 32 Gb
  • OS : Windows 10 or 11


*contact us to select the best configuration for your needs


Screen Full Frame Bionic screens offering human-eye resolution
Resolution Central zone (27° x 27°) at 70 uOLED PPD, 1920 x 1920 pixels per eye - Peripheral zone over 30 LCD PPD, 2880 x 2720 pixels per eye
Field of vision 115°
Display frequency 90 Hz
Headset Tracking SteamVR Gen 2.0 (recommended) or 1.0 - Varjo inside-out tracking (beta) using pass-through RGB video cameras
Audio 3.5 mm Audio Jack with microphone support
Microphone Audio jack with microphone support
Connectivity 2x headset adapters and 2x USB-C cables (5m) included in the box - PC connectors: 2x DisplayPort and 2x USB-A 3.0+
IPD (Interpupillary distance) Automatic adjustment of an IPD range from 59 mm to 71 mm
Ergonomics Headband with 3-point precision adjustment - Interchangeable, easy-to-clean PU cushions
Hand Tracking Ultraleap Gemini (v5)
Eye Tracking 200 Hz with sub-degree accuracy - Single-point calibration for foveated rendering
Mixed Reality Very low latency, dual 12-megapixel pass-through video streams at 90 Hz
Battery life Cable-powered
Controllers HTC controllers, Valve

Each element of this device is designed to achieve excellence. The 12-megapixel low-latency video pass connects the real and virtual worlds, while the world's widest colour range ensures a truly realistic and authentic experience. The depth awareness provided by LiDAR ensures pixel-perfect real-time occlusion and 3D world reconstruction. There is even Ultraleap hand tracking and 200hz eye tracking for even more natural interactions. The downside of having so many features is its weight. The Varjo XR-3 is quite heavy. We would recommend it to companies with specialised applications such as high-end research, design and training.. 

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