All in One PC - A compact, high-performance all-in-one solution.



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Up to the latest generation Intel i9 and Intel Xeon



Graphic cards up to Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 / Quadro RTX 8000  


Up to 96GB of storage (RAM)



19.5" Full HD multi-touch point screen







A high-performance computer featuring a touch screen and a refined design



The Ino-VR All In One is the most powerful all-in-one computer in Ino-VR's range. Suitable for the latest-generation i9 processors and Nvidia Quadro graphics cards, the All In One can meet the most demanding requirements for real-time virtual reality applications. Project reviews, 3D design and even content creation are now possible in a small, portable size.






The first All In One dedicated to virtual reality


Experience wireless virtual reality with the wireless HTC Vive adapter compatible with the all-in-one by Ino-VR. The first all-in-one computer with native wireless functionality for both HTC Vive PRO series and Cosmos series headsets.






A broad range of uses combined with design and high performance





The airflow is perfectly cooled to ensure maximum performance, zero lag and a comfortable experience over long immersion sessions.



Easy to upgrade, the All In One by Ino-VR chassis is designed to provide maximum flexibility and autonomy for IT departments. Upgrading your equipment rather than replacing it altogether is a little gesture for the planet.




Easy to carry thanks to its ergonomic handle, the All in One is suitable for all situations and fits in perfectly in your working surroundings: office, showroom, exhibition, workshop, classroom, laboratory, etc.






Accessories and an unmatched level of customisation


A hard-wearing, customisable case is available on request to carry and protect your All In One by Ino-VR. Our high-density foam will protect all of your VR equipment and keep everything neatly organised to avoid leaving anything behind when travelling on business.


Key accessories for VR use in the workplace: protection for VR headsets, sanitising kit, VR tripods, Vive trackers, etc.


Our technical teams remain at your disposal to study your customisation projects. We draw up your foam plans and work with you to develop your customised, scalable virtual reality equipment. Our solutions are compatible with all the leading VR headsets on the market:






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