Pre-Sales Services

Since 2017, INO VR has been supporting VSBs, SMBs and major accounts in the procurement and set-up of their virtual reality hardware.

Guidance and Co-Construction

Whenever you face a challenge or have an idea for a project, our pre-sales commitment distinguishes itself by its support and co-construction approach.

In a few key steps:

  • Gathering your requirements - In-depth understanding of your needs
  • Determining needs and dimensioning - Working closely together for maximum customisation
  • Investigation into the best hardware and software solution - Rigorous research to combine performance and innovation
  • Customised offer - providing a solution tailored to your project



Visual and technical customisation

Here at Ino-VR, we understand the importance of brand identity and image. That is why our customisation department is full of ideas to ensure that your solution perfectly reflects your company and your needs:

  • Visual customisation - Leave a lasting impression with our range of visual customisation. From stickers to foam printing, case colours, etc. designed in your company colours or bearing your logo, we do everything we can to make your VR equipment stand out in style.
  • Technical customisation - Beyond the aesthetic aspect, we also offer you the possibility of adapting your technical equipment to your specific requirements. Do you need an integrated Wi-Fi router? A touchscreen tablet for intuitive user interaction? A battery charger for your controllers? No problem, we can adapt the solution.


To create an exceptional VR experience, every detail counts. INO VR is here to help you find the perfect formula



Set-up and calibration

Setting up new VR equipment can seem long and tedious. That is why INO VR offers a complete set-up service for a smooth, trouble-free VR experience.

  • Initial set-up - Before you even receive your headsets, we provide initial pre-configuration for immediate use, minimising installation time.
  • Software pre-loading - Your software solutions are pre-loaded for immediate use according to your specific needs.
  • Bundle assembly - We provide tailor-made bundles for seamless integration of your equipment, taking into account your specific requirements.
  • Testing before delivery - Before delivery, we carry out rigorous testing to ensure the quality of the hardware and software, ensuring an optimal VR experience from day one.


At INO VR, we simplify the deployment of your projects by sending you a ready-to-use solution.


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