Ino-VR Services


An eco-friendly approach


All Ino-VR products are made in France. We work with French partners whenever it is possible, and are proud to export our expertise throughout the world.


We favour a short supply chain, working with numerous French partners, and are proudn to export our expertise internationally. Ino-VR solutions (cases) come with a lifetime guarantee and are manufactured and assembled in France.


As part of our eco-responsible approach, we source high-quality, hard-wearing and recyclable products for you.


Our Maintenance and Repair services also help to extend the product's lifespan as much as possible, and our long-term rental offers enable you to stay at the cutting edge of technology without generating unnecessary waste, since we recover your equipment at the end of each contract for recycling or reuse.


HP "Amplify Synergy" parternship - One of our selection criteria for suppliers is based on their commitment to an eco-friendly strategy: as an HP reseller we benefit from their environmental efforts. Ino-VR now holds the Catalyst 3 bage, rewarding HP partners who are mindful of their socio-ecological impact.




VR Support


Ino-VR can assist you with your virtual reality projects, from the initial planning stages through to implementation, development and deployment.


We put all our expertise at your disposal to help you experience virtual reality and its benefits.


Our offer includes everything from standard equipment (headsets, accessories) to ready-to-go solutions when your project requires it: all-in-one computer, Shift case or Smart'Cases One / Smart'Cases Multi.


You can also benefit form our network of partners (apps and services) to ensure a smooth process of deployment.


So don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements, we will be happy to advise you on how to make the most effective use of virtual reality.






Maintenance Services


Our IT maintenance contracts are tailored to your needs. We guarantee the continued operation of your business.


From a hotline, though remote intervention, to on-site intervention, everything is possible.


These maintenance contracts are carried out by certified technical teams approved by the world's leading IT manufacturers and integrators.




Leasing solutions 


Leasing new technologies is an increasingly popular option to hep businesses with their digital transition, so instead of buying, why not lease ?


You can always benefit from a high-performance setup which is at the cutting edge of innovation and tailored to your business, thanks to the possibility of renewal at the end of each contract.

Your rental payments are deducted from your operating costs and are fully tax-deductible. They enable you to limit the number of fixed assets in your accounts, thereby preserving your company's debt capacity. Furthermore, your cash flow remains available to finance more profitable activities.

European directives 2002/96/EC and 2003/108/EC dictate that European companies must rigorously manage their waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). With a leasing agreement, you no longer have to worry about you responsibilities when it comes to waste electrical and electronic equipment - we will take it from there.




VR Applications


Are you looking for VR apps to use with your VR hardware ? 

We have a number of partners developing VR apps tailored to your needs. We are here to help you find the best way to use VR in your activities.


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